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A Mission To Provide Quality Health Counseling

Whether you are looking for individual or couple therapy, help for your family, or to be part of a therapy group, Integrative Psychotherapy Group offers qualified and skilled therapists to help you.


Growth Through Therapy

Based in Beverly Hills, we are proud to have clients reach out to us from not only the Westside but also from many communities in Los Angeles, the Valleys, the South Bay and throughout Southern California. Integrative Psychotherapy Group’s experienced therapists provide insightful therapy to work through our clients’ concerns and guide meaningful change. We believe that therapy helps provide a sense of relief and self-awareness for those who feel overwhelmed or are having trouble finding the root of their problems.

About Us
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Working to Create
Lifelong Change


Through comprehensive and consistent sessions, we work with the aim of helping clients find more effective ways to address and process concerns impacting their lives. To meet these goals, our psychotherapists utilize ongoing training, experience, and a wide range of psychotherapy techniques to propel our clients toward happier and healthier connections with themselves and others.

Our therapy is tailored to work at the pace of each client, and we customize our sessions to each individual and situation. We work collaboratively to help clients develop new insights, create strategies to actualize the changes they seek, and to find answers within themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Psychotherapy Works

The foremost focus of our experienced psychotherapists is to provide quality therapy to our clients. Select a frequently asked question below to expand the answer:

How Long Does Therapy Take?

Every client who comes to therapy has different concerns. Because each client has unique life experiences, process and needs will be different and the amount of time varies for each individual. In order to make impactful change in your life, we recommend weekly sessions.

What problems do you treat?

Our therapists treat a wide range of concerns for individuals, couples, and families. Many of our areas of emphasis can be viewed in our Psychotherapy Treatment Areas

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance as we are not “in-network” for any of the insurance companies. However, if you have PPO benefits, you may be entitled to receive reimbursement for psychotherapy through your insurance plan. To learn more about your options or about our rates, please Contact Us

How does Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy provides Clients with a space to better understand themselves and learn new tools to explore the effects their thoughts and feelings have on their behavior and mood.

When Should I See A Therapist?

Clients come to therapy for different reasons. Oftentimes, clients are struggling with concerns that have impacted their work, family, relationships, or personal life. You don't need to be suffering to benefit from therapy. If you are committed to making impactful change in your life for greater satisfaction, therapy can be highly beneficial. Often, clients come to gain a deeper understanding of themselves in order to make more effective choices.

What Is Your Style?

While we believe that good psychotherapy includes cognitive-behavioral techniques, our approach goes beyond this to include a deeper level of exploration and work to increase self-awareness in our clients. Through psychodynamic therapy processes, we will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and of how the unconscious conflicts and unexamined patterns in your life have shaped you. We can empower you to make better choices now and in the future.

Do You Offer Therapy By Phone Or Through Video ?

While in person therapy is ideal, we understand that some clients may prefer to do their therapy sessions by phone or by video. Our therapists are able to offer treatment sessions for psychotherapy via secure, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy. During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily providing all our services via teletherapy.

What Can I Discuss During Therapy?

Anything can be discussed during your confidential therapy session. We take your privacy very seriously, and we ensure your security through our HIPAA-compliant online platform with bank-level encryption. This is your time to be as open as you'd like and to voice any thoughts or concerns, ask questions, and speak about whatever is on your mind.

How Do I Start Therapy?

To get started, please Contact Us and schedule your phone consultation to learn more about how we can best help you.

Supporting Our Clients Toward Empowerment, Resiliency & Compassion

Our clients work with us to achieve a higher command of their concerns and ultimately heal the entrenched wounds that bring continued suffering. Often, clients come to attain a better perception and understanding of their lives to make even more impactful, positive choices that help them reach greater emotional connectedness.